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Forget The Top 1%: How Being In the Middle of The Creator Economy Can Make You Successful

The creator economy is booming with 50 million content creators out there, but only 2.3 million of them can make a full-time income from it. This means that the vast majority of wealth is concentrated at the top, leaving a bleak prospect for many aspiring content creators. However, there is an alternative strategy for building a successful career in content creation.

Why Aim for the Middle?

While it is tempting to dream big and aim for the top 1%, it's not always the most strategic move. Instead, aspiring and struggling content creators should aim for the middle. The creator economy is still developing, and the middle class is currently non-existent, making it a prime opportunity for those who are willing to seize it. A thriving middle class is essential for any society, and the creator economy is no exception. The middle class is where innovation and trust are fostered, and it is crucial to have a balance of voices and perspectives. The Recognition of Middle-Class Creators

The need for a middle-class creator economy is gaining recognition. Industry players like Mighty Networks, with its recent $50 million funding, are committed to supporting middle-class creators in seizing their destinies. Additionally, YouTube OG creators Rhett & Link have launched the Mythical Accelerator, aimed at claiming minority stakes in emerging creators across different platforms. The tides are turning in favor of aspiring creators in the middle.

The Need for a Middle-Class Creator Economy

The need for a middle-class creator economy is recognized, and there are opportunities for aspiring and struggling content creators. Mighty Networks has raised $50 million in funding to help middle-class creators claim their destinies. YouTube OG creators Rhett & Link launched Mythical Accelerator, which aims to claim minority stakes in up-and-coming creators across various platforms.

Building Trust

Trust is an undervalued currency in the creator economy. It is the foundation of any successful relationship, and without it, everything else is irrelevant. Building trust fosters a sense of community and can help content creators flourish in the middle class. With the ongoing trends, community is the future of content creation. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) will be the way to go, and when creators build a community, it becomes obsolete to rely on brands.

To position yourself in the middle class and thrive, prioritize trust-building:

  • Ensure your intentions align with the best interests of your audience

  • Staying true to your values and purpose.

  • Authenticity and transparency become your greatest assets in forging a deep bond with your community.

Final Thoughts: If there is anything to take from this, it's this; you are only as strong as the community and trust you foster. And quite frankly, while product is important, trust and community are what ultimately make a difference.

As an emerging creator, your focus should be on building a strong and engaged fan base that can ultimately be moved off social networks.

So ask yourself;

Do you have the audience/customer's best interest at heart?

Are you being authentic?

Will you be satisfied with having a small group of genuinely engaged and connected audiences? In this ever-evolving world of content creation, there is one truth that remains constant: your strength lies in the community and trust you foster. While the quality of your product is undoubtedly important, it is trust and the sense of community that will set you apart from the rest.

As an emerging creator, your primary focus should be on building a robust and engaged fan base that extends beyond social networks. This means going beyond mere followers and striving to create meaningful

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